The Younique process, deeply anchored in Christ-centered principles, offers individuals a transformative journey toward understanding their God-given purpose and identity.

Recognizing that each person is fearfully and wonderfully made by God, this approach emphasizes the unparalleled potential and divine calling bestowed upon every believer.

The process intertwines scriptural truths with introspective techniques and tools, experiential learning, and faith-infused coaching. It's not just about personal development; it's about aligning one's life story with God's grand narrative, discerning His will, and walking faithfully in the middle of life's challenges and blessings.

Through the Younique process, participants come to embrace their Kingdom calling, fully living into their strengths, spiritual gifts, and God's purpose for their life.




Dr. Friedrich is a certified master coach with Younique and helps Christians find their unique calling. Although the Younique process can be implimented individually, Younique works best in local churches as a part of the overall discipleship process.

With the Younique method, Christians can discover who God created them to become and how to live that out. With Dr. Friedrich's help, you'll learn the framework for your one and only life this side of heaven. 

Once you discover the reason you were born, you will be able to make decisions, plan goals, and live your life on the mission God has called you to. So, join her and find a more meaningful path for your life using the Younique process. 

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My Coaching Clients Receive:

  • Personalized or group coaching curriculum designed for to discover God's call for your life
  • Various coaching formats
  • Specific action-oriented assignments
  • Direct email access to your coach
  • Confidential advice and accountability to live into your calling
  • And much, much more!

What did Billy Graham, Corrie ten Boom, C.S. Lewis, and Elisabeth Elliot all have in common? They all sought guidance. Even at the height of their contribution to the kingdom, they recognized the value of external insight.

If you're poised to discover and live out the unique calling God has placed on your life Younique will launch your journey as you begin your missiont

The Younique process whether done in person or online, will move you into the life you were created to live.  Let's begin to emmbrace who God created you to be and develop a roadmap to fulfill the reason you were born.

Unlock & Unleash Your Kingdom Potential

Do you ever wonder why you were born? Do you find that some things totally exhaust you while others set you on fire? Do you want to make a greater impact on the world for the sake of the gospel?

Or are you a pastor or church leader with a desire to serve those you shepherd and help them to understand their gifting in order to unleash  them for ministry and leadership in your organization? 

That’s when you need to know and employ the skill of creating breakthrough thorugh the Younique journey for yourself or those you lead:

  • Uncover your God-give unique purpose which is both Knowable and Nameable
  • Discover your core values so you can make both big and small Decisions Congruent with who you are
  • A Personal Approach for Accountability and Follow Through
  • Design the Life that God has always Wanted for You 
  • Make every day matter and Live Intentionally in your Kingdom Calling

Dr. Friedrich is a certified Younique Master Coach to lead and guide you through the Younique journey. You can design your format:

  • One on One Coaching either online or in person
  • Group Coaching either online or in person  
  • Accelerated In Person Group Coaching Experience in your church, campus ministry, or non-profit organization
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5 Keys to Live an Intentional Life 

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This report is one of Elaine's most popular publications available as a free download. Inside of this ebook, you will learn:

  • The first step to live an intentional life.
  • It takes courage to discover your kingdom calling.
  • Your purpose is knowable and nameable.
  • You have a kingdom assignment.
  • You can impact the world by living out your purpose.