I Have a Dream: Begin to Envision Your Future

determine your vision Jul 08, 2022

“I have a dream that one day......"   

-Martin Luther King, Jr., 1963  

dream dreem ]  -verb 

  1. to have a dream.  (dictionary.com) 

We celebrate Black History Month each year and are reminded of the importance of having a dream. Martin Luther King had a dream to end racism in America.  Dreams compel us to take actionable steps towards a vision and specific goals for our life.  These kinds of dreams are not just for national or global leaders; dreams are for ordinary people like you and me. 

One of the most difficult things for many women over 50, is to be able to dream again.  Here are some of the reasons I hear of why dreaming is difficult:   

  • I have been so focused on raising my family, that I have forgotten how to think about anything other than their needs. 
  • Between the day-to-day tasks in my job and then coming home to get things done there, I just don’t...
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