The Power of Habits

develop you Jul 07, 2022

I’m an avid reader. Even when I was a young high school student, I would stay up until one and 2 o’clock in the morning reading. That was when I was still young and had no problem getting up at 6:30 to go to school the next day. Things have changed since then; I’m not that young any more. Smile. 
Recently I have read two books on habits and how they impact your life. One was The Power of Habit:  Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business by Charles Duhigg and the other one I read is  Atomic Habits:  An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones.    
As a committed Christ follower, I look at the world through spiritual lenses. As I thought about the habits that I put into practice in my own life, I want to be sure to put my spiritual habits on the front burner. 
Christians will never develop a deep love for God without spending time in the spiritual disciplines or more...

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Fall Home Maintenance

develop you Nov 13, 2020

Where I live in the southeast United States, the weather has begun to get cool as October ends and November begins. Along with the change in temperature, comes a focus on home maintenance. One of those things is to be sure to have the furnace checked out and filters changed in preparation for the cold of winter. 
As I was thinking about taking care of my home, I wondered if I really take care of myself as well as I do my house. In light of what all has happened in 2020, it seems like taking care of our spiritual, emotional, and physical health has sometimes been neglected in light of all of the chaos that’s happening in our world. Our health may have taken a back seat.   
I know that most want to get back to ‘normal.’ But we all know in reality is that it will become a new normal and not what would be experienced in the past. Hopefully we have had an opportunity to stop and think about the gifts that Covid has given to us.  ...

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